Phillips Tool has resources in place to pursue the best supply chain options for customers in all markets. we do Injection Molded Plastic Parts for you. If you need plating, chrome etc, we can do the outsource for you. This value-added service allows Phillips to be more actively involved in the purchasing, delivery, inventory management, and billing, thus allowing customers to focus on their areas of expertise. The Company’s in-depth understanding of supply chain operations both internally and externally is an important component of the total solutions offering. This knowledge results in the best outcome for not only the components and services Phillips offers, but the sourcing of activities such as sterilization, machining, and stamping and plating amongst others.

Managing the flow of products, services, and information across the entire supply chain requires robust processes. As a result, the Company has invested in technology with the most up-to-date electronic data (EDI) transfer capabilities. This allows Phillips’ customers to communicate delivery requirements electronically, better managinginventory transfer, billing, and collection for inventory at Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) sites. 
Capabilities Offered:

  • Design through distribution
  • Product Assembly, packaging, and sterilization
  • Sourcing components
  • End-use packaging
  • Supplier quality engineers
  • Off-site inventory in Mexico and Puerto Rico