Quality Policy 

Phillips Tool & Mould Limited will design, develop and build world class plastic mold, within an environment of continuous improvement, to better satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers including Reliability, Maintainability and Durability; and will deliver to them, on time every time.

What is the TE Supplement?

For U.S. automotive suppliers the Tooling and Equipment (TE) Supplement is an extension of the QS-9000 Quality Management Systems requirements, applicable to all tooling and equipment manufacturers that supply the Big Three automotive manufacturers. Originally released in July 1996, the TE Supplement replaces different customer specific tooling and equipment requirements, bringing the industry quality consistency through one set of requirements. 


The TE Supplement applies to your company if you are a mold manufacturer China Company of machinery or machinery components that supply the Big Three. The TE Supplement defines machinery as tooling and equipment used to perform processes such as assembly, balancing, casting, deburring, forging, forming, gaging, heat treating, machining, material handling, measuring, molding, packaging, painting, plating, robotics, stamping, washing, welding, etc.