For demanding parts that require high resistance to heat, corrosion, conduction, wear, friction, pressure, and water, Ceramic may be the material solution you’ve been looking for. Combining the benefits of ceramic materials with those of injection molding, Phillips Plastics ceramic injection molding (CIM) can create highly complex geometries without machining as well as reduce part count and assembly time. Whether small or micro-sized parts, CIM offers an impressive range in component size.

Ceramic Materials Available:

  • AO-F 99.8% pure alumina
  • AO-H 96% pure alumina
  • ZTA-FB 99.8% pure alumina toughened with Zirconia
  • TZP-A Zirconia

Capabilities Offered:

  • Complete in-house plastic molding China services
  • Dedicated sintering furnaces and debind ovens
  • Ability to reduce or eliminate secondary machining assembly
  • Full range of value-added secondary services